Prem Bhatia Memorial Lectures

On August 11, each year, in addition to felicication of award winners, the Trust hosts a lecture by an eminent personality on a topical subject.

The nineteen lectures to date have included distinguished speakers such as Dr Karan Singh, Dr M S Swaminathan, the late Prof A M Khusro, Justice Venkatachalliah, Mr Soli Sorabji, Prof Deepak Nayyar, Prof Dipankar Gupta, the late Mr Lakshman Kadirgamar, Prof Zoya Hasan, Mr Ashok H Desai, Mr K S Bajpai, Prof Gowher Rizvi, Prof Ashok Mitra, Ms Ayesha Siddiqa, Mr Chandrashekar Das Gupta, Mr Shiv Shankar Menon, Dr Y V Reddy, Mr Shyam Saran, Mr T N Ninan and Mr Pratap Bhanu Mehta, all of whom have enlightened the audience on various political, economic and social events in the country.

Prem Bhatia 25th Annual Award

August 24, 2020

The Prem Bhatia Awards for outstanding journalism have for this year gone to Dipankar Ghose of the Indian Express for his coverage of the migrant labour crisis and other Covid-19 related issues and to the…

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India’s contemporary national security challenges

Admiral Arun Prakash (Retd.)
Former Chief of Naval Stuff
August 22, 2019

Introduction I thank the Prem Bhatia Memorial Trust for according me the privilege of delivering its 24th annual lecture.  I am aware that ‘national security’ may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but since all of…

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Religion, Religiosity and World Order

Mr. Hamid Ansari
Former Vice President of India
August 11, 2018

I deem it a great privilege to be invited to deliver the Prem Bhatia Memorial Lecture and I thank the Trustees for it. Today’s is the 23rd Lecture and this testifies to the esteem and…

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India’s Aborted Transitions

Dr Pratap Bhanu Mehta
President and Chief Executive, Centre for Policy Research
August 11, 2015

It is truly humbling and, dare I say, intimidating being here. Humbled by several things: first and foremost, the memory of the person we have gathered to honour, Prem Bhatia. I did not have the…

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How to Get India Going Again

T N Ninan
August 11, 2014

Mrs Prem Bhatia, Mr Bajpai, Dr Debroy, Mr Malhotra, trustees of the Prem Bhatia Memorial Trust, and friends: I entered the world of journalists when Prem Bhatia was already a grey eminence. But, unlike what…

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Global Economic Developments and India

DR. Y.V. Reddy
August 11, 2012

Chairman Ninan, distinguished Trustees, and friends, I am greatly honoured by the invitation to deliver the 17th Prem Bhatia Memorial Lecture. I thank the organizers, in particular, Mr. Anand Bhatia, and my batch mate and…

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India and the Global Scene

Shivshankar Menon
August 11, 2011

Mrs. Bhatia, Anand, Shyam and other members of the Bhatia family, Shri Rasgotra and members of the Prem Bhatia Trust, Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for giving me the honour of delivering the Prem Bhatia…

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