Outstanding Environmental Reporting of The Year


Sibi Arasu is an independent journalist based in Mysore, Karnataka who has been reporting exclusively on the environment, people’s rights and development, and climate-change-related issues for the last five years. The jury praised his ‘sensitive, in-depth content’ and ‘superb photographs…whether documenting urban chaos, battles with sand or water mafia or the protected- animal-species-versus-human-lives-conflict deep in the wilds.’


K Rajendran, Senior Editor, Kairali TV, for his focus on the crucial issue of climate change, picking its particular impact on the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea and consequently on the lives of the fishermen of the Arabian Sea.


Reji Joseph
Reji Joseph
Staff Reporter, Rashtra Deepika
Exemplifying forceful boots-on-the- ground, hands-on reporting from the local by the local. The award recognises his body of work ranging from the ecologically fragile landform of the Mundrothuruthu island in the Kollam District of Kerala; the sand-mining that has destroyed coastal villages; the loss of rights and traditional privileges of the Adivasis in the Periyar region; the alarming number of cancer cases –also water-logging – as chemical fertiliser and insecticide fumigation of crops has spiralled in Kuttanand; celebration of Geographical Indicator recognition for Kerala’s own Pokkali rice; the joyous portrait of a 77 strong local women vigilante-group–turned-forest-guards walking down the elephant routes of the Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary since 12 years now, protecting both wild life and the sandalwood trees still growing in the sanctuary.


Priyanka Kakodkar
Times of India
Outstanding reporting on the agricultural crisis in Maharashtra and coverage of other key environmental and development topics.


Nitin Sethi
Associate Editor, Business Standard
Outstanding reporting on key environmental and development topics.


Jaideep Hardikar
Special correspondence, the Telegraph
Outstanding and consistent reporting of rural development issues.


Shalini Singh
Principal Correspondent Hindustan TimesFor her vigilance, humane perspective and tenacity to pursue the issues of environment and development.


Photo Journalist, Mathrubhoomi
For his photographs which depict the miseries and woes of Kerala’s Endosulfan victims.G Nirmala Samakalika Malayalam Vaarika
For contributing significantly to highlighting the Endosulfan issue by her writings on the environment.


Rajkumar Keswani
For his sustained contribution in bringing into focus the dangers to
public from the disaster at Union Carbide, Bhopal.


Gargi Parsai
For her consistent reporting of environmental, agriculture and water issues
over the last 30 years.


Keya Acharya

Independent, freelance journalist
Outstanding contribution to environment and development issues in Indian and international publications for the last eighteen years.


Max Martin
Freelance JournalistOutstanding contribution to environment and development issues in his current role as editor of indiadisaster.org


Atul Chandrakant Deulgaonkar
Freelance Journalist, Latur, MaharashtraOutstanding contribution to the subject of environment and development, including articles on food security, agricultural issues, alternative developmental models, the suicides of farmers and the environmental aspects of disasters like the Bhopal gas tragedy.


Jay Mazoomdar
Senior Assisstant Editor, The Indian Express
For his reporting on the Vanishing Tiger Population in India.


Ashok B. Sharma
Financial Express
For his indepth analysis of new and emerging environmental issues related to biodiversity, biosafety, agriculture and globalisation, thus widening the scope and relevance of environmental journalism.