Blowing a Myth

According to a research team from Jhansi, garlic may increase a man’s or a woman’s cholestrol level instead of lowering it, and is particularly injurious to hearts already in poor shape. This conclusion, said to be based on clinical studies, will shock many and disenchant many more who have been using garlic as a dependable prop against the danger of heart ailments. The researchers’ conclusion would not be very different from a hypothetical discovery that common and hitherto accepted painkillers in fact cause pain and may even lead to brain haemorrhage. The horrible prospect of discovering danger in hitherto dependable laymen’s health prescriptions could well keep millions of people awake every night. And what about the millions of rupees already sunk in the various garlic concoctions sold in chemist’s shops? The Jhansi researchers have pricked a bubble which had been spectacularly raised to the status of a cult.

(From the CONDEMNED GARLIC by Prem Bhatia on researches of a group of scientists in Jhansi, India)